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CSES is striving to produce in-depth knowledge and ideas related to social values, social issues and social innovation,
and to disseminate them by utilizing networks of scholars and field specialists in all areas of social science in Korea and
overseas. For this purpose, CSES has planned and is executing a diverse range of research projects
  • Multidisciplinary studies related to social value, environmental issues, and ESG

    We aim to create more social value by observing, analyzing, and predicting various aspects of social problems and environmental issues. It is important to gather the wisdom of researchers with diverse perspectives and various types of data, knowledge, and theories to deal with social issues, environmental issues and recent ESG trends.

  • Social Value Survey (2016-2018)

    We will newly define social issues and values, and seek strategies for creation of values that will facilitate social progress by conducting questionnaire surveys on social enterprises, companies, NGOs, and the general public. We are establishing panel data by executing questionnaire surveys every two years in order to continuously track the changes in the cognition of social enterprises, companies, and NGOs, which are the driving forces for the social innovation ecosystem.

  • SPC DB & SPC Survey DB

    We are compiling and publicly sharing the data derived from the SPC project for researchers and practitioners. The SPC DB consists of Social Value, Economic Value, and Basic Information of participating SPC companies and has been publicly available since 2018. Social Value includes the measured social value created by the participating companies in monetary terms, along with incentive data. This encompasses the social value measurements in four categories: Product or Service Performance / Solution Performance, Process Performance, Value Chain Performance, and Environmental Performance, along with corresponding incentives provided based on these measurements. Economic Value showcases financial data such as sales revenue, operating profit, and assets of the participating companies. Basic Information covers corporate data including the year of establishment, corporate status, SE certification status, business domain, and number of employees, etc.
    Furthermore, the SPC Survey DB comprises survey data from companies participating in the SPC. Since 2020, annual surveys have been conducted, and starting from 2021, the surveys are carried out twice a year (in January and July), with the survey data being disclosed.
    The strength of these DB lies in their specialization in social value. They are being applied and utilized across various academic fields (such as economics, business administration, public administration, sociology, and social welfare), research institutions, and the social value ecosystem, which includes social enterprises, social ventures, the public sector, for-profit company CSR, and non-profit foundations. Research verifying the effectiveness of the SPC project has been published in internationally renowned academic journal (SSCI).

  • Survey and research on social issues and ESG related public cognition

    “Korean Perception Survey on Societal Issues (KPSSI)”, a joint study by the CSES and Triple Light, conducts a public cognition survey on various social issues. It targets 1,000 citizens every year since 2020. The survey has provided many meaningful insight about people`s recognition, priority, and tendency toward various social issues.

    ESGame is an outstanding ESG cognitive style test. ESGame finds users' perceptions and inclinations on various social issues through questions related to each item of environment, society, and management.
    Through statistical analysis, users can check one`s perspective and inclination toward ESG issues and compare them with various stakeholders` viewpoints.