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Social values have become the foremost issue in the current era.

Although we have accomplished successful economic growth and democratization, many people are suffering from anxiety, mistrust, and lethargy. In order to overcome this ‘paradox of affluence’, it is necessary to establish a vibrant society that is capable of trusting and accommodating others. Korea is still struggling to escape the trap of being stagnated as a developed country and making efforts towards the status of advanced country. The country is particularly concerned about the trap of ‘high investment with low efficiency’.

In order for people to be happy and the country and companies to achieve sustained growth, it is necessary to properly realize social values. Social values are intangible concepts and, as such, not easy to quantify. However, we are living in an era in which the intangible and invisible have become more important.

CSES is striving to become a strong and intelligent organization in spite of its small size. We shall distinguish and seek means of boldly executing social values. Moreover, we shall dedicate ourselves to establishing the future social infrastructure that is appropriate for the era of hyper-connectivity in order to find the vast blue-ocean that harmonizes economic and social values together.

In doing so, we shall strive to establish a social innovation ecosystem in which public and private sectors, large conglomerates and small & medium businesses, profit-generating companies and social enterprises, and theoreticians and practitioners coexist and cooperate.

We invite you to guide our efforts and extend your unsparing supports and encouragements.

Thank you.